Our Natural Herbs & Remedies

In ancient times herbal plants, oils, seeds and roots were the main source of remedies.   While the Bible itself says very little about medicinal plants, Talmudic literature coming from the oral tradition mentions many medicinal plants, potions, and remedies from the plant world, some as cures for ailments and others used in combination to strengthen the body and the spirit as a form of preventative medicine.  This knowledge has orally been transferred down through the generations and used to successfully treat patients for over 2,000 years.

Kabbalah’s traditional healing systems focus on the healing properties of nature, both in curing illness and maintaining health and vitality.  The use of herbal remedies to heal, support and balance the body can improve your overall health and vitality, strengthen the body in order to fight illness, reduce pain or completely remedy illness.  We use herbs, spices, roots, fruits, vegetables and minerals that have been known since the beginning of Jewish history to have the value to repair and remedy.  Each medicinal agent has its own energies and therapeutic properties, and when combined properly according to the principles outlined in our tradition it will create a synergistic action that can have a powerful influence on the persons body and spirit.

Our Herbal Treatment Formulas

Our hand-crafted herbal remedies are based on years of herbal research and hands on experience in the knowledge of identification of medicinal plants, the traditional knowledge of their properties and their uses in each case to create health and prosperity.

All of the herbs used in our formulas are tended, picked and processed by hand based on our knowledge and experience in choosing and nurturing wild-crafted herbs.  We use only herbs that are growing naturally or have been ethically cultivated by natural processes from the organic parent stock. We collect small amounts at a time and do not warehouse large quantities of herbs.  All of the picking is done by hand seeking herbs at their peak of potency and of the highest quality.

Our Herb Cleaning Process

Herbs are cleaned in a natural process without the use of any artificial or chemical substances and then briefly sun dried to ensure maximum potency levels. From there, the herbal formulas are combined and mixed to the correct proportions and packaged by hand by our in house staff.  All of our herbs are organic, fresh and sold within 30 days of being picked and processed.  The finished product is a minimally processed formula of the highest quality available that does not have any impurities or contaminants.

We hope you enjoy our products and that they help you on your journey to wellness.

Have a blessed day!

The following are some of our natural herbal remedies: