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Definition of Low Energy:

Low Energy is when the energy intake from food does not satisfy the requirements of the size and composition of the body for necessary and desirable physical activity consistent with long-term good health. This includes the energy needed for physiological functions and mental growth and development. Damage can cause long term health effects to well-being. Low energy can result from lack of sleep, thyroid problems, dietary issues, stress, and other causes.

Symptoms of Low Energy:

Low energy, especially when related to adrenal problems, usually presents with several key symptoms, including:

  • Fatigue. Clinically significant lower energy is associated with chronic mental and physical fatigue, even when sleep and dietary intake are at adequate levels. This fatigue may not be readily counteracted by rest or sleep.
  • Sensitivity to cold. Patients reporting low energy, especially from adrenal causes, are often unusually sensitive to cold ambient temperatures.
  • Constipation. Fatigue can often be accompanied by slow digestion and a lowered intestinal transit time. This can lead to constipation, along with accompanying cramps, bloating, and discomfort.
  • Weight gain. Low energy, especially when associated with adrenal dysfunction, can often lead to significant weight gain. This results from a combination of the effects of the endocrine system on digestion and metabolism, and fatigue that leads to sedentism and lack of exercise.
  • Muscle aches. Muscle aches are a common symptom that occurs with low energy, further reducing a person’s activity level.
  • Depression. Low energy is associated with a low mood, often producing some of the symptoms of clinical depression.

Recommended Natural Treatment for Low Energy:

Natural remedies and herbal teas can help improve your energy levels, relieving tiredness, depression, and other symptoms. Our ENERGY+  herbal tea program is scientifically formulated to relieve the effects of low energy, combining herbs and other natural ingredients to increase energy and improve stamina– without any negative side effects.

Start increasing your energy today. Try our ENERGY+  herbal tea program, and you’ll soon notice a major difference in how you feel.

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