Many people deal with memory problems, for all kinds of reasons. Aging, stress, depression, ADHD, and other problems can make it difficult to focus, concentrate, and retain information on a regular basis. Our MEMORY+ program carefully formulated for improving memory, incorporating the best herbal remedies from around the world to create uniquely designed herbal teas.

Working memory, the short-term ability to retain and work with information, can easily falter from day to day. If you’re interested in how to improve memory, there are quite a few safe, natural solutions that can help you stay sharp.

Improving memory and cognition starts with honing these mental skills. Brain games, puzzles, or learning a new language can produce significant memory improvement over time. You can also try several natural remedies and herbal teas that are formulated for memory improvement. Many plants naturally produce compounds with beneficial effects in the nervous system, including the hypothalamus and other brain areas that are important for memory. These can often be incorporated into supplements or herbal teas for naturally increasing your memory.

How to Increase Memory with Natural Herbs

These natural herbal remedies have been shown to contribute to improving memory naturally and healthy memory in general , and may help protect the brain against the negative effects of aging and stress.

  • Ginseng. Ginseng has a long history of use in China, where it has long been considered an adaptogenic herb with many therapeutic usage. Chinese medicine often focuses on ginseng’s stimulating and aphrodisiac effects, but it may also help improve memory. Clinical studies of the effects of ginseng in rodents have demonstrated that it can help improve spatial memory, spatial learning, and object recognition.
  • Ginkgo. Ginkgo, like ginseng, is an ancient Chinese medicinal herb. Modern research has evaluated the effects of ginkgo on memory loss in subjects with Alzheimer’s and dementia, with largely positive results.
  • Rosemary. Rosemary can grow in almost any climate, and is widely used as a culinary spice. Interestingly, rosemary may actually help boost memory. Rosemary extract has been shown to improve spatial memory in animals by stimulating activity in the hippocampus. Rosemary oils can be used for aromatherapy, and rosemary leaf can also be incorporated into herbal teas for improving memory.

If you’re wondering how to increase memory with herbal tea, try our MEMORY+ program today. You’ll have access to the tools and knowledge you need to start fighting memory loss today.