If you’re worried about memory loss from aging, stress, anxiety, depression, or other issues, you may wonder how to improve memory naturally. You can boost your memory and cognitive abilities with brain exercises, herbal remedies, healthy living, and other natural approaches to memory loss prevention.

To help people keep their memory sharp, we developed our MEMORY+ herbal tea program. We’ve traveled the world to carefully hand-select the most potent herbs from distant continents and cultures, combining them into customized herbal tea formulations designed to improve memory, boost cognition, and increase vitality.

Along with herbal remedies, you can prevent memory loss by paying attention to your brain health, as well as your physical health. Getting the right nutrients for optimal brain function is important, as is actually using and challenging your brain and memory.

Improve Memory with Brain Exercises & More

Did you know that brain exercises can help improve memory? From something as simple as Sudoku or a crossword puzzle, to online brain games carefully designed by neuropsychologists, brain exercises challenging your verbal memory, spatial memory, working memory, and more. This helps you improve areas where you might be struggling, strengthening your brain against memory loss and other cognitive effects from aging or disease.

Here are some of the best brain exercises and other activities to help improve memory and prevent memory loss:

  • Brain training games. You can find brain exercises online that are designed to resemble computer games. Some companies require a paid subscription, but you can also find similar products or trial versions for free. These brain games are generally designed by neuroscientists and neuropsychologists, and they test certain discrete types and areas of memory.
  • Learning a new language. Language learning is a great way to boost your cognitive abilities and improve memory. Learning a new language during adulthood might seem daunting, but modern apps like Duolinguo have made the process more accessible than ever. If you’re more interested in learning a language as a cognitive exercise than in communication, you could try Esperanto. Its simple, consistent structure is easier to learn than many natural languages.
  • Learning new math or programming skills. If language isn’t your thing, why not work with numbers and logic instead? Reviewing the calculus you’ve long forgotten, learning to write a computer programming, and other logically minded activities can also help improve memory.

Along with brain exercises, nutrition, and other ways to improve memory, our MEMORY+ herbal tea program can help. Visit our store to find out more about MEMORY+, or try it yourself today.