If you have essential hypertension, many natural high blood pressure remedies can help your body maintain a healthy balance in your blood pressure levels, preventing heart disease and other problems that stem from high blood pressure. You can regulate your blood pressure naturally with lifestyle changes and a healthy diet, but many herbal remedies can also help contribute to lower blood pressure levels.

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Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies

Many herbs and herbal tea blends can serve as natural high blood pressure remedies, promoting lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels and contributing to better cardiovascular health.

Herbal medicine is as old as our species, and people from around the world have found plants that can naturally help regulate high blood pressure and other heart problems. Here are X of the best natural and herbal high blood pressure remedies:

  • Vitamin D. Lower vitamin D levels– a major risk for seniors– have been linked to high blood pressure. Extra vitamin D helps to prevent the kidneys from secreting an enzyme called renin, which contributes to a negative feedback loop that can elevate your blood pressure.
  • Basil. Basil, a common garden herb, is one of the more surprising natural high blood pressure remedies. Basil extract can help lower blood pressure naturally, by affecting the body’s level of endothelin proteins that constrict blood vessels.
  • Garlic. Garlic naturally increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body, which helps relax smooth muscles and promotes vasodilation. This can help lower blood pressure naturally.
  • Celery seed. Celery seed extract has been observed to lower blood pressure through its relaxing, vasodilating effects. Natural chemical compounds in celery seeds help block the flow of calcium into the muscle cells that line blood vessels, similar to many prescription medications.
  • Hibiscus. Hibiscus flowers, a flavorful herbal tea ingredient, can help promote lower blood pressure. In a recent study, researchers found that about three cuts of herbal hibiscus tea per day lowered systolic blood pressure by about 7 points, while subjects given a placebo saw an average drop of 1 point. These small changes in blood pressure can help reduce long-term risk of a stroke or heart attack, making hibiscus one of the most promising herbal high blood pressure remedies.
  • French lavender. French lavender oils and extracts may help lower blood pressure levels and improve circulation, making it a useful herbal hypertension remedy.
  • Cocoa. Flavonoids contained in cocoa powder may help lower blood pressure and guard against cardiovascular disease.

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