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Definition of Blood Sugar:

“Blood sugar” is defined as the concentration of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a simple sugar, or monosaccharide, that the body naturally produces from the food that you eat, while glucose that you ingest directly goes right from your intestines into the bloodstream. To use glucose effectively, your body’s cells rely on a hormone called insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. Dietary, hereditary, and lifestyle factors can lead to insulin resistance, producing high blood sugar. People with hyperglycemia can seek out natural solutions for blood sugar support to maintain healthy levels.

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar:

High blood sugar is usually found in the context of diabetes. There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1, which is an autoimmune condition, and Type 2, which has an onset later in life. People with both varieties require treatments for blood sugar support. Some of the symptoms of high blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, include:

  • Blood glucose levels over 180 mg/dL. The standard clinical sign of high blood sugar is a measured blood glucose level exceeding 180 mg/dL. Although blood glucose can spike acutely after heavy meals and high carbohydrate intake, chronically high blood glucose levels indicate diabetes or prediabetes.
  • Blurry vision. Acutely high blood sugar is often associated with visual disturbances, usually blurred vision.
  • Difficulty concentrating. High blood sugar has an adverse effect on cognitive processes, leading to increased difficulty concentrating.
  • Frequent urination. Polyuria, or frequent urination, is a common sign of high blood sugar. It results from the inability of the kidneys to effectively filter glucose from the blood, and the urine itself contains elevated concentrations of glucose.
  • Headaches. Some hyperglycemic patients will occasionally report headaches accompanying elevated blood glucose levels.
  • Fatigue. High blood sugar is associated with subjective physical and mental fatigue.

Recommended Natural Treatment for Blood Sugar Support:

Our STABLE herbal tea program combines the best therapeutic herbs and other natural ingredients for blood sugar support, helping you maintain healthy glucose levels. For better blood sugar regulation naturally, try STABLE today.

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