We have been engaged in the study and practice of herbal medicine for the past 25 years, creating and testing our proprietary herbal formulas using only ingredients found in nature.

We believe most common ailments can be soothed, minimized or eliminated using 100% natural ingredients to strengthen the body and trigger its innate ability to heal itself. In ancient times herbs and roots were the main source of remedies. Many of the earliest written records of tea mention the drinking of tea for medicinal purposes.

4While the Bible speaks very little about medicinal plants, Talmudic & Kabbalistic literature discusses many individual herbs as well as a long list of herbal potions and remedies from the plant world to be used as cures for various ailments or as a preventative measure against disease. This wisdom remains alive with those few who continue to study and practice these traditions.

Our collection of herbal remedies stem from our work using this wisdom to create proprietary formulas that target and work to improve specific common ailments.  The ingredients for each recipe can be found in most natural herbal stores and cost significantly less than most pharmaceutical remedies.  Moreover, these herbs act gently with no aggravations and no side effects.

The heart of each program is our unique combination of herbs to be steeped and drunk as a hot or cold tea one or more times a day.  However, each program does include additional protocols that are complimentary and easy to implement.

The following are some of our natural beland

strengthen-immune-system-natural-remedies blood-sugar-natural-remedies Blood pressure natural remedies increase-physical-strength-naturally Naturally-improve-mental-clarity-brain-function natural-remedy-for-chronic-fatigue-syndrome Improve-Digestion-Naturally natural-remedies-for-depression improve-memory-natural-remedies Boost-Energy-Naturally